Information Sharing: Using low- and no-cost solutions for sharing your biggest files

Part 3: Back in April, I started writing a regular column for CE News, called Leveraging Technology. You can find most of the articles on their website, but I figured I’d make it easy for you and post them here as well.

We’ve all been in this situation before: Our design team has completed drawings for a project and you now need to share them with members of the extended design team. Unfortunately, CAD files these days are often too large to be sent via standard e-mail. So now you’re forced to hassle with FTP sites, or even more inconvenient, burning the files to a DVD and sending via mail. It sure would be nice if there was an easy-to-use, free (or low-cost) way to send large files. Luckily, there are several options from which to choose.

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Time of Concentration Examples

A couple of nice thunderstorms roamed into town this evening sending my kids onto the front porch with their friends.  The rain came down are a pretty good clip.  Since I left my LIDAR data at the office tonight, I can’t show you everything I wanted too.   About 15 minutes after the rain came hot and heavy later that evening, my kids exclaimed at near the end of dinner – “It’s a River”

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